New Suites and One Bed Units Released at Park Apartments

May 25, 2021

We are excited to announce the addition of new suites and one bed deluxe units at Park Apartments, bringing the new total of units to 54.

The suites, which were previously sold out, are now selling for $115,000 on the 6th floor and $120,000 on the 7th floor, while the one bed deluxe units are selling at $180,000 on the 6th floor and $185,000 on the 7th floor.

Payment Plans
Park Apartments has three cash payment plan options for clients to choose from. We also accept mortgage and would be happy to refer some mortgage institutions we’ve worked with before to you. Get in touch with a Sales Associate at

Other Units
Also available for offplan sale at Park Apartments is a one bed standard unit, selling at $148,950; two bed standard units ranging between $254,950 to $274,950 and a two bed deluxe unit selling at $338,122.

The 54 unit luxury apartment block in Cantonments, Accra is currently under construction.